Auntie Kitty's

Rainbow Raves

Rainbow Raves is the name for Auntie Kitty’s high-energy UV dance parties.

Designed by children’s entertainer Auntie Kitty, each session is unlike most children’s activities and designed for both parent and child, with a choice of locations and age suitability

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Auntie Kitty's Baby Rave Logo

Baby Rave

For ages 5-12 months, or sitting up or crawling

Auntie Kitty's Tots Rave Logo

Tots Rave

For those lovable tottering creatures who are just learning to dance

Auntie Kitty's Kids Rave Logo

Kid's Rave

Aimed at EYFS up to Key Stage 2

Family Rave

For all ages 0 to 100 – everyone is welcome!

At the moment we are ‘on tour’ and there will be selected dates spread across the next few months.

Check our booking page for the latest dates!

We’re no big fish. These are all small scale raves and on average the capacity is between 20 and 30 children, depending on the size of the venue.

We use an eclectic mix of nursery rhymes, kid’s pop music, house, techno, and a little bit of drum & bass.

The music is designed to appeal mostly to the children with a nod to the adults’ bygone raver days.

We don’t measure the decibel levels. We use common sense depending on attendees and location, and if it is brought to our attention that the music feels too loud we will happily reduce the noise levels so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

However, we can’t turn down the volume of those attending! We have no control over toddler screams and singing and their use of musical instruments – which are often included.

If your child is sensitive to noise please be aware of this before booking.

Breast-feeding and bottle-fed babies: absolutely! 

With older children please either wait until the end of the session when we usually have a snack, or (depending on the venue) use one of the tables or a breakout room to feed your child as some of our equipment doesn’t mix well with food and can be difficult to clean, and we want to protect other children from any potential allergens.

It’s best. You can book your ticket online via Pembee, at This is the only place you can book your ticket. If you need to pay cash please contact me!

You are welcome to check if there are any spaces available on the day but we cannot guarantee this!

We think you’ll LOVE the Rainbow Raves as much as we do and as Auntie Kitty’s rave sessions are all no commitment, with no termly sign-up and all pay-as-you-go, we decided that it was not necessary to offer free or reduced price taster sessions.

It depends on the T’s and C’s of the particular rave you are booking. If additional adults need an extra ticket this will be made clear upon booking and you can add them to your order.

For smaller venues it’s always nice to ask, but unless stated the answer is yes! The more the merrier. 

Unfortunately most of our venues won’t allow pets!

Children under the age of 5 form pathways in their brain and learn through having fun.

So, we teach them how to have FUN!

We don’t run to a set syllabus or teach specific things. However all sessions are designed to increase your child’s coordination, concentration and confidence.