All About Auntie Kitty

Who is Auntie Kitty?

Auntie Kitty is the fairy godmother, the showmaster, the ringleader of fun and the embodiment of party spirit.

She is the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave! She is the genuine article. She is my creation. My name is Loz Smith.

I am an enthusiastic and exuberant children’s entertainer with a natural talent for the fantastical and an ability to engage with even the coolest and most grown up of party-goers. As a mum of two beautiful daughters myself, I think I know what makes a great party for kids and grown-ups alike and appreciate professional and quality entertainment, at an affordable price.

I have been working as a children’s entertainer since 2018 in Herts, Beds and Bucks, hosting children’s disco parties, soft-play groups, preschool and nursery parties, balloon modelling parties, character appearances as well as annual seasonal events, collaborations with other local businesses, pop-up events, advent calendar drop-offs and Christmas grottos. 

Being my own boss is something I’ve always aspired to, and so, with the encouragement and support of my family and friends, I decided to start up my own entertainment business in September 2019. I knew I wanted to create something special and uniquely me and felt that although there is plenty of fun to be had with all of the well-loved characters from film and folklore, I wanted an original character as my figurehead.

The name of “Auntie Kitty” is an homage to good times spent with our beloved Great-Auntie Katherine Gwizdela, or ‘Kitty’ to her family and friends, who was generous, fun and loved a good party! Memories of lemonade and cake, with her husband Wacek playing the accordion in their living room in Cambridge, special presents to take home from her treasure box, and busting out the moves on the dance floor in her t-bar sandals and perm sealed her fate as an unforgettable character from my childhood.

When in character, Kitty’s red lipstick and glamorous 50’s closet celebrate my silver screen heroes from a bygone Hollywood era that influenced and fostered my love of vintage style; notably Doris Day’s natural spirit in Calamity Jane, Julie Andrews’ beauty and wit as Mary Poppins, and Debbie Reynolds’ style and grace in Singing In The Rain

My clever, confident and beautiful daughters give Kitty her confidence and flair for the fantastical; they are my inspiration for captivating the imagination.

The most rewarding thing for me about Kitty and everything that goes with it is when I’m sent photos and videos of children pretending to be Auntie Kitty! To know that children hold you in the same esteem as Spiderman or Elsa, and are role-playing at being you is a truly wonderful feeling. I love hearing little voices say ‘Auntie Kitty’ and those brief moments are all it takes to make the hard work worthwhile.

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Fun, bright and energetic – Auntie Kitty parties are full of love and entertainment

Seasonal events and collaborations with other awesome local businesses is my thing!

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