Kitty's Characters

Auntie Kitty and her characters are a carefully-selected party crew.

All her characters have their own unique persona and arrive ready to celebrate in specially designed costumers, with props and themed party games. Everything is designed to generate a buzz that wows both you and your guests and creates a lasting feeling of magic!

Auntie Kitty

Our fearless leader! Kitty is the life and soul of any party.

Disco Bunny

Jump and jive with Disco Bunny for a non-stop hoptastic party!

Dotty the Pilot

Come fly with Dotty as she propels your party into the stratosphere

Snow White

Birthday wishes really do come true with our beautiful Snow White

Captain Molly

Ahoy there sea dogs and scallywags! Join Molly’s crew or walk the plank!

Queen of Hearts

Don’t lose your head with this evil queen! All ways are her ways (except when it’s your birthday).

Unicorn Princess

Shimmering and sparkling all day and night, the Unicorn Princess loves a good party.


You’ll have a ball with Cinders! Just keep an eye on the clock and don’t run out of time.

The Little Mermaid

Make a splash with the Little Mermaid and let her be part of your celebration!

Fairy Godmother

Sprinkle a little magic on your guests and don’t forget to make a wish!

Sleeping Beauty

This beautiful princess from the forest loves to sing and dance. A party with her is like a dream!


She loves to sing, dance and read stories. The perfect host for your princess party.

Trixie the Witch

A spooktacular guest who will cast a spell on you. Frightfully fiendish family fun!

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